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She Can Eat!: Bai Tong Delivery

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

After a successful evening hosting a gig, my pod squad and I were famished. So, in a last minute meal decision, we decided to order some delivery from Bai Tong Thai Food Restaurant. As this was a delivery order, I decided to focus this review more on the dishes ordered than the whole experience.

We patiently awaited the delicious choices we made. Everything arrived smelling scrumptious and in good time, but the containers left a little to be desired, as there was a spill in the bag. The pod agreed we would love to see some more sturdy and eco-friendly containers.

The first dish we dove into was the Porpia Tod appetizer. The spring rolls were average taste overall, except we enjoyed their large size, so that bumped it up an extra half-shell in the reviews.

The three main dishes ordered were Gang Dang (with chicken), Gang Pak Ruammit (with prawns), and Pad Thai.

The Gang Dang (make sure you read that right) was super flavourful, and had lots of veggies and meat. There was one rogue porpoise in the voting for this dish, as they did not enjoy the bamboo shoots, but otherwise it was very enjoyed by the herd. It pairs perfectly with their delicious coconut rice, which we included as an extra add-on to both curry dishes, but know that we all felt the portion of rice you receive is not enough for a whole dish.

In the Gang Pak Ruammit, we enjoyed a fresh, creamy taste, with a tingle of heat. I prefer my vegetables uncut, but these veggies were cut to a perfect mouth appealing size.

The Pad Thai is a personal favourite of this whale. The dish was delicious and the noodles were flavoured consistently all the way through. I felt it could use a touch of cilantro, even though I know that is a controversial topping. When it came down to the final scoring, just like RuPaul on the judging panel, being the only drag queen in the midst, the final decision came down to me and I decided it was a 4/5 shells.

I have been frequenting Bai Tong since I was just a whale calf, alongside my pod elder (papa), so it’s always been a favourite feeding ground. By not being in the restaurant, you miss out on the atmosphere and the owner, who makes excellent recommendations. But if you prefer to not swim so far from home right now, ordering in from this delicious spot is a great alternative.


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