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She Can Eat!: Dunnenzies Brunch

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

After seeing some drool-worthy pictures on Dunnenzies Facebook, I knew it had to be my first stop on my great swim across the Okanagan’s vast culinary ocean. So I gathered together a few pod members, and set sail for Dunnenzies Lakeshore location.

Following a link on their Facebook page, we reserved our table on the patio. The reservation was super easy to book and adjust thanks to their simple digital reservation system.

Walking into the space, you are immediately struck by how lovely the setting is: the giant old tree strung with lights, comfortable seating arrangements, and picturesque views. One real splash was the addition of a server who we watched move through the space singing with every step… almost like we fell into a scene from Beauty and the Beast.

Our server, Mikala, was very welcoming and on top of making sure we had everything we needed, along with ensuring physical distancing was still in place. We also asked Mikala their opinion on their favourite dish, which was the Two Lads Toast.

My beverage of choice was iced tea, but the pod I swam with had the coffee and all gave it glowing reviews. We asked Mikala, and they let us know the coffee Dunnenzies serves is from the fantastic local Kelowna roasters Bright Jenny Coffee. A Caesar was also ordered to the table - I was informed it was tasty, but there was a little too much ice in the glass.

Everyone at the table tried a different dish, and we were all blown away by the amount of food that came on each plate. The Pizza Benny and Diner Deluxe were delicious breakfast pizzas, but be forewarned: it is best for those with a larger appetite because they are rich dishes. The Breakfast Burrito was quickly devoured, but could have used a more flavourful sauce. The winning dishes at the table were the Spanish Eggs, which I was told were very tasty, and my Breakfast Sammich, which was so giant even this whale couldn’t finish every bite. Even with a couple of small critiques, every dish was rated very high on the delicious scale. 5/5 shells for the overall experience - definite return brunch feeding grounds for this #podsquad.

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